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Anders Jallai is in April publishing his first novel Inside Spy. A deeply informed account of intelligence dealings in Sweden during the Cold War, with emphasis on the most secret intelligence department IB, SSI or the KSI, which it is renamed today. Also FRA and the Security Service will be dealt with. Anders Jallai has done research in both secret and open archives in Sweden and abroad since 1997, interviewed hundreds of people with insight and experiences from Swedish and foreign intelligence services and even had his own experiences from this closed world. This ambitious research has led to discoveries of for example the Soviet submarines S7 and AG-14, Catalina aircraft and DC-3 signal intelligence airliner. In Inside Spy he will tell us about more discoveries that are masked in the novel free form, because of confidentiality which is still related to these matters.

Anders Jallai, a former Kustjägare (coastal ranger) and fighter pilot in the Swedish military during the 1980s is also a diver and researcher. On weekdays he works part time as a flight captain on Boeing 737. When asked why he almost manically diggs into this he replies: ”Because I can and because I want to tell you! Swedish people have a right to know this even if it costs me personal uncomforting. Who else should do it? “

In the book Inside Spy, played out most of the time in Grisslehamn and on Södermalm in Stockholm. Two areas he´s very familiar with. Anders has grown up in Södermalms heart, at Götgatan and spent summers in Grisslehamn in Stockholm’s northern archipelago since his birth 1960.

The book’s main character Anton Modin, gets an unexpected tip-off that a dissident faction within the Swedish navy in the 80s sunk a hostile submarine in Swedish waters. Anton Modin cannot drop this hot potato. He starts to search for facts and clues. All information is Top Secret he notices soon. This means in principle that it is classified by the authorities for all time. But now he is helped by the secret Särskild Granskning unit within the Security Police. They are dropping names and classified information. The military SSI, The Section for Special Ops instead has promised their foreign partners that the submarine must have to be let alone with her dead crew – at any price! Anton Modin must be stopped. Otherwise, “it will seriously harm our nation’s relations with foreign powers!”

But is the entire submarine crew, really dead? Wennerström, the Swedish spy who was arrested 1963 for spying for the Soviet GRU gives Anton Modin unexpected help. It turns out that Wennerström was far from alone in his treason … (written by BB)

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